Kempinski Floating Palace

The world's first floating luxury villas in the azure of Dubai: the Kempinski Floating Palace.

Dubai is once again becoming a destination where the boundaries of the possible and luxury are ever-expanding. If before it was just a fantasy and an image from Hollywood cinema, now we can see the idea of a floating hotel embodied in the luxurious Kempinski Floating Palace. This five-star resort has been gracing the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf since last year. With the new Kempinski Floating Palace, guests stay on one of Dubai's most exclusive stretches of beach - Jumeirah Beach Road.

At the heart of this aquatic wonder is the central building, segmented into four separate parts and topped with an amazing glass pyramid. This architectural masterpiece serves as the core of the floating complex, which includes a stunning 48 luxury villas, called Neptune, connected by elegant pontoons. Initially, only 12 villas were planned, but strong interest in the project prompted the developers to expand the number to 48. Hamis Soliman, CEO of El Bahrawy Group, points out that this increase is a testament to the growing demand for unique luxury spaces and the grandeur and exclusivity for which the Kempinski luxury hotel chain is known.

Each of the Neptune villas has options ranging from two to four bedrooms and embodies the progressive idea of eco-luxury. Built to be solar-powered, these floating residences emphasize environmental sustainability without compromising on elegance. The villas feature two floors of living space, with rooftop terraces, infinity pools, and indoor and outdoor living areas providing panoramic views of the glistening bay waters.

Docked at Dubai Palm Marina, the Neptune Villas can reach speeds of 6 to 8 knots thanks to their eco-friendly electric motors. These motors power the homes, recycle waste, and desalinate seawater.

The Chairman of Kempinski Floating Palace Mohamed El Bahrawy explained: “Since the inception of the project, our main focus has been on creating a distinctive and unparalleled experience that caters to the diverse needs of our discerning customers. The project’s success is evident through the significant interest it has garnered from investors across various Arab and Western nations.”

Gourmet restaurants, chic bars, luxurious spas, pools, and boutique shops can be found in the main building. Each amenity is designed with the discerning traveler in mind, offering world-class service. The central area also accommodates the sailing of larger yachts, adding a dynamic accent to the hotel's already unique offerings.

Dubai's Kempinski Floating Palace is not just a hotel but a destination that promises to be a cornerstone of futuristic tourism, combining luxury living with innovative architectural design. Opened just one year ago, this floating resort encapsulates the essence of luxury and the spirit of innovation that Dubai embodies.

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